Compiler Error CS0052


Updated: July 20, 2015

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Inconsistent accessibility: field type 'type' is less accessible than field 'field'

The type of a field cannot be less accessible than the field itself because all public constructs must return a publicly accessible object.

The following sample generates CS0052:

// CS0052.cs  
public class MyClass2  
    // The following line causes an error because the field, M, is declared  
    // as public, but the type, MyClass, is private. Therefore the type is   
    // less accessible than the field.  
    public MyClass M;   // CS0052  
    private class MyClass  
    // One way to resolve the error is to change the accessibility of the type  
    // to public.   
    //public class MyClass  
    // Another solution is to change the accessibility of the field to private.  
    // private MyClass M;  
    public class MainClass  
        public static void Main()  

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