This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Internet Server API (ISAPI) Parse Maps

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The Internet Server API, an extended open API set, provides you with the ability to create add-ons for, and run Internet server applications on, your Microsoft Internet Information Services. When a client sends a query to the Internet server, the server processes the query by sending it through a series of parsing macros in the parse map. The parse map maps the client queries to a CHttpServer-derived class's functions and parameters.

ISAPI Parse Maps

BEGIN_PARSE_MAP Starts the definition of a parse map.
ON_PARSE_COMMAND Parses the client's command
ON_PARSE_COMMAND_PARAMS Defines a command to a CHttpServer object from a client.
DEFAULT_PARSE_COMMAND Calls the default page that is identified by the FnName parameter.
END_PARSE_MAP Ends the definition of a parse map.

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