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The JOB_INFO_4 structure provides information about a print job.<58>

typedef struct _JOB_INFO_4 {
  DWORD JobId;
  [string] wchar_t* pPrinterName;
  [string] wchar_t* pMachineName;
  [string] wchar_t* pUserName;
  [string] wchar_t* pDocument;
  [string] wchar_t* pNotifyName;
  [string] wchar_t* pDatatype;
  [string] wchar_t* pPrintProcessor;
  [string] wchar_t* pParameters;
  [string] wchar_t* pDriverName;
  ULONG_PTR pDevMode;
  [string] wchar_t* pStatus;
  ULONG_PTR pSecurityDescriptor;
  DWORD Status;
  DWORD Priority;
  DWORD Position;
  DWORD StartTime;
  DWORD UntilTime;
  DWORD TotalPages;
  DWORD Size;
  SYSTEMTIME Submitted;
  DWORD Time;
  DWORD PagesPrinted;
  long SizeHigh;

SizeHigh: This member specifies the high-order 32 bits of a 64-bit unsigned integer that specifies the size of the job, in bytes.

All members not defined in this section are specified in sections and

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