Arranges all child windows in a tiled format.

void MDITile( );void MDITile(   int nType);


Specifies a tiling flag. This parameter can be any one of the following flags:

  • MDITILE_HORIZONTAL   Tiles MDI child windows so that one window appears above another.

  • MDITILE_SKIPDISABLED   Prevents disabled MDI child windows from being tiled.

  • MDITILE_VERTICAL   Tiles MDI child windows so that one window appears beside another.

The first version of MDITile, without parameters, tiles the windows vertically under Windows versions 3.1 and later. The second version tiles windows vertically or horizontally, depending on the value of the nType parameter.

See the example for CMDIFrameWnd::MDICascade.


Header: afxwin.h

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