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Corresponds to the hInstance parameter passed by Windows to WinMain.

HINSTANCE m_hInstance;

The m_hInstance data member is a handle to the current instance of the application running under Windows. This is returned by the global function AfxGetInstanceHandle. m_hInstance is a public variable of type HINSTANCE.


// Typically you do not need to pass the application's hInstance
// to Windows APIs directly because there are equivalent MFC
// member functions that pass the hInstance for you.  The following
// example is not typical:

HCURSOR hCursor;
hCursor = ::LoadCursor(AfxGetApp()->m_hInstance, 

// A more direct way to get the application's hInstance is to
// call AfxGetInstanceHandle:
hCursor = ::LoadCursor(AfxGetInstanceHandle(), 

// If you need the hInstance to load a resource, it is better
// to call AfxGetResourceHandle instead of AfxGetInstanceHandle:
hCursor = ::LoadCursor(AfxGetResourceHandle(), 

// A better way to load the cursor resource is to call
// CWinApp::LoadCursor
hCursor = AfxGetApp()->LoadCursor(IDC_MYCURSOR);


Header: afxwin.h