Using .bsc Files to Browse to References of C++ Symbols
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Using .bsc Files to Browse to References of C++ Symbols

In a C++ project, the .ncb file contains information about the symbols used in a project. The .ncb file supports the Class View and Object Browser ability to locate the definition of a symbol. However, a project needs a .bsc file to support browsing to references of the symbols.

Creating a .bsc File

Describes how to create a .bsc file

Finding References of a Symbol

Discusses how to view all references of a symbol.

Manually Adding a .bsc File to a Project

Describes how to make the symbol references in a .bsc file available in your project.

Unloading a .bsc File from a Project

Describes how to unload a .bsc file in your project.

Browsing Code and Components

Discusses the Object Browser, which allows you to examine and discover objects and their members from various components.

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