Compiler Error C3714


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method': an event handler method must have the same calling convention as the source 'method'

You defined an event handler method that did not use the same calling convention as the source event method. To fix this error, give the event handler method the same calling conventions as those of the source event method. For example, in the code below, make the calling conventions of handler1 and event1 match (__cdecl or __stdcall or others). Removing calling convention keywords from both declarations will also solve the problem, and cause event1 and handler1 to default to the thiscall calling convention. See Calling Conventions for more information.

The following sample generates C3714:

// C3714.cpp  
// compile with: /c  
// processor: x86  
class CEventSrc {  
   __event void __cdecl event1();  
   // try the following line instead  
   // __event void __stdcall event1();  
class CEventRec {  
   void __stdcall handler1() {}  
   void HookEvents(CEventSrc* pSrc) {  
      __hook(&CEventSrc::event1, pSrc, &CEventRec::handler1);   // C3714  
   void UnhookEvents(CEventSrc* pSrc) {  
      __unhook(&CEventSrc::event1, pSrc, &CEventRec::handler1); // C3714