Local and Web Projects

There are several factors to consider when you decide whether to use a local or Web project model for your application.

First, installation strategy should play a part in your overall decision. If you need a quick-deploying application on a server with minimal client configuration, the Web project model is best. You can install and run this project on the server without installing support files on each client, and make upgrades only on the server. However, for projects that have little server involvement or for stand-alone applications, a local project model is the better choice. In this scenario, upgrades can be completed on each individual client computer.

Another factor is the division of workload. When analyzing your application's framework, you need to consider where the bulk of the work is going to be done. Web projects offer a server-based strategy where the majority of operations are conducted on the server. The client computer uses a Web browser to send information to and display information from the server-side application. If your server resources are limited, then consider using a local project model for your application. The work can be done on the client computer without consuming precious server time.

The following table gives a side-by-side comparison of Web projects and local projects in both the design and working environments:


Web project

Local project

Build model when developing

For Web application projects, application code is compiled as a DLL and run on the server. For Web site projects, application code is typically deployed to the server and compiled on the server. Results are seen on the client computer.

Code is compiled and run on the client computer.

Deployment method

The project is deployed to a Web server.

Project files are installed on the client computer with required support files.


Client computers run the application remotely with a Web browser. Processing is done primarily on the server.

The application is run locally on the client computer.


Application changes are made at the server level without installation of support files on client computers.

The application upgrades are installed on client computers.

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