Getting Started with ASP.NET Mobile Controls

ASP.NET mobile controls are a set of ASP.NET server controls that generate Wireless Markup Language (WML), compact HTML (cHTML), HTML, and XHTML content for different devices. This section provides information about device simulators, software requirements, and related topics.

ASP.NET Mobile Controls QuickStart

Provides samples and supporting commentary designed to be short, easy-to-understand illustrations of features of the ASP.NET mobile controls.

ASP.NET Mobile Web Forms and ASP.NET Compatibility

Explains the technology that mobile controls add to Microsoft ASP.NET.

Comparing Web Controls and Mobile Controls

Describes the similarities and differences between Web server controls and ASP.NET mobile controls.

ASP.NET Namespaces for Mobile Controls

Describes the namespaces provided by the ASP.NET mobile controls.

ASP.NET Mobile Controls Samples

Provides a set of samples that demonstrate the ASP.NET page framework.

Device Adapter Code

Describes how to create adapters to support new mobile devices.