3.1.3 Initialization

At startup, to find a backup browser server, the client MUST do the following:

  1. MachineGroupNameInProgress is set to an empty string.

  2. TokenValue is set to 0.

  3. Initialize BackupBrowserServerTable to an empty table.

  4. Initialize the GetBackupListRequest timer and send a GetBackupListRequest frame for MachineGroupNameInProgress, as specified in section

If the local master browser for a machine group fails to respond to the GetBackupListRequest after an implementation-defined number of retries, as specified in section 3.1.6, the client MUST force an election by Sending a RequestElection Frame, as specified in section

The GetBackupListRequest and GetBackupListResponse sequences are specified in sections and, respectively. If this sequence does not produce a backup browser server, as specified in section 3.1.6, the initialization MUST fail.<27>

BrowserClientUpTime is set to the time when the browser service was initially started.