This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

_spawn Constants

#include <process.h>


The mode argument determines the action taken by the calling process before and during a spawn operation. The following values for mode are possible:

Constant Meaning
_P_OVERLAY Overlays calling process with new process, destroying calling process (same effect as _exec calls).
_P_WAIT Suspends calling thread until execution of new process is complete (synchronous _spawn).
_P_NOWAIT or _P_NOWAITO Continues to execute calling process concurrently with new process (asynchronous _spawn, valid only in 32-bit Windows applications).
_P_DETACH Continues to execute calling process; new process is run in background with no access to console or keyboard. Calls to _cwait against new process will fail. This is an asynchronous _spawn and is valid only in 32-bit Windows applications.

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