This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Additional Resources for Visual C# Programmers

The following sites can help you find answers to common problems.

Microsoft Visual C# Developer Center

Provides code samples, upgrade information, downloads, and technical content.

Microsoft Help and Support

Provides access to Knowledge Base (KB) articles, downloads and updates, support Webcasts, and other services.


Hosts open source software projects. You can use CodePlex to create new projects to share with the world or join others who have already started their own projects.

Visual C# Language

Provides a forum for questions about and general discussions of the C# language and compiler.

Visual C# General

Provides a forum for general discussion and questions regarding Visual C#.

Visual C# IDE

Provides a forum for discussions about the C# IDE.

MSDN Forums

Provides information about forums in which you can post questions and answers, and also view and search existing user-generated Help content. You can also access the MSDN forums by clicking MSDN Forums on the Help menu.

MSDN Discussion Groups

Provides a newsgroup experience, enabling you to connect as a community with experts from around the world.

MSDN Chats

Provides discussions about Microsoft products and technologies. Each chat is hosted by one or more Microsoft experts. Transcripts are available for completed chats.


Provides a community through videos, Wikis, and forums.

File Bugs or Make Suggestions

Enables you to file bugs or provide suggestions to Microsoft about Visual Studio. You can also report a bug by clicking Report a Bug on the Help menu.

MSDN's Web site provides information about current third-party sites and newsgroups of interest. For the most current list of resources available, see the MSDN C# Community Web site.