We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Reference Paths Page, Project Designer (C#)

Visual Studio 2008

Use the Reference Paths page to specify the folder path for assembly references used by the project.

When the project system finds an assembly reference, it is resolved by looking in the following locations, in order:

  1. The project directory. These files appear in Solution Explorer when Show All Files is not in effect.

  2. Directories specified in this dialog box.

  3. Directories displaying files in the Add Reference Dialog Box.

  4. The project's obj directory. (Any assemblies created as a result of adding a COM reference to your project are added to the project's obj directory.)


Displays the configuration set in the Visual C# Build Page or the Debug Page. You cannot edit this page.


Specifies the path to the folder containing assemblies. Click the ellipsis (…) to browse to the folder.

Add Folder

Adds the folder specified in the Folder text box to the Reference Path list.


Replaces the folder selected in the Reference Path list with the folder specified in the Folder text box.

Reference Path

Lists the directories containing assemblies that you browsed for in the Add Reference Dialog Box.

The settings for this property are specific to the project, computer, and user for which it was set; this information is not stored in the project settings.


Removes the selected folder from the Reference Path list.