BSCMAKE Error BK1513


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nonincremental update requires all .SBR files

BSCMAKE cannot build a new browse information (.bsc) file because one or more .sbr files are truncated. To find the names of the truncated .sbr files, read the BK4502 warnings that accompany this error.

BSCMAKE can update a .bsc file with a truncated .sbr file but cannot build a new one. BSCMAKE may build a new .bsc file for the following reasons:

  • Missing .bsc file.

  • Wrong filename specified for .bsc file.

  • Corrupted .bsc file.

To resolve this issue, delete the truncated .sbr files and rebuild, or clean the solution and rebuild. (In the IDE, choose Build, Clean Solution, and then choose Build, Rebuild Solution.)