This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Publish Page, Project Designer (Office Development in Visual Studio)

The Publish page of the Project Designer is used to configure properties for deployment in Visual Studio Tools for Office.

To access this page, select the project in Solution Explorer, and then, on the Project menu, click Projectname Properties. If the Publish page is not displayed, click the Publish tab.


You can also set the publishing location in the Publish Wizard. For more information, see How to: Deploy an Office Solution by Using ClickOnce.

Publishing Folder Location (web site, ftp server, or file path)

Specifies the location where the Project Designer will copy the files when you click Publish Now.

Can be a disk path (C:\deploy\mycustomization), a file share (\\server\mycustomization), or a Web site (

Installation Folder URL

Specifies the location where the end user can find and install the customization. This can be the same as the Publishing Folder Location if you are publishing the files to the final deployment location.

This is also the location that the solution will check for updates.

Can be a file share (\\server\mycustomization), or a Web site (


You can change the final deployment path after you publish the solution. For more information, see How to: Change the Installation Path of an Office Solution.


Specifies which prerequisites to install before installing the customization.


Specifies how frequently the deployed customization will check for updates. Checking for updates adds time to the customization startup, but it helps users keep up with the latest version automatically.


Specifies the description and settings for the Office solution. For example, you can set the name of the publisher and change the load behavior of the Office solution.

Publish Language

Specify the publish language for the solutions. The publish language controls the language in which error messages will appear. The operating system language must be changed to update the user interface to the specified language.

Publish Version

Sets the version number for the customization. When the version number is changed, the application is published as an update. A new folder is created for each version during the build process to prevent overwriting the previously published version. Each part of the publish version (Major, Minor, Build, Revision) can contain up to five digits.

Automatically increment revision with each release

Optional. When selected (the default), the Revision part of the version number is incremented by one every time the customization is published. This causes the customization to be published as an update.

Publish Now

Publishes the application using the current settings. Equivalent to the Finish button in the Publish Wizard.