This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

/O1, /O2 (Minimize Size, Maximize Speed)


These options select a predefined set of options that affect the size and speed of files as follows:

Option Equivalent to Comment
/O1 (Minimize Size) /Og /Os /Oy /Ob2 /Gs /GF /Gy Creates the smallest code in the majority of cases.
/O2 (Maximize Speed) /Og /Oi /Ot /Oy /Ob2 /Gs /GF /Gy Creates the fastest code in the majority of cases. (Default setting for release builds)

x86 Specific >

You can use other options to improve the size or speed of many applications (for example, the /G5 option to generate code optimized for the Pentium processor).

These options imply the use of the Frame-Pointer Omission (/Oy) option.

END x86 Specific

To set this compiler option in the Visual Studio development environment

  1. Open the project's Property Pages dialog box. For details, see Setting Visual C++ Project Properties.
  2. Click the C/C++ folder.
  3. Click the Optimization property page.
  4. Modify the Optimization property.

To set this compiler option programmatically

See Optimization Property.

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