Bookmark Dialog Box

The Bookmark dialog box enables you to insert an HTML anchor tag (<a>) that contains a name attribute. An anchor tag with a name attribute is typically used to create a destination inside a page. The resulting tag might look like the following: <a name="part1"></a>

To open the Bookmark dialog box

  • On the Format menu in Visual Web Developer, click Insert Bookmark.


    The Bookmark dialog box is available only in Design view.


Specifies the name for the bookmark that you want to create.

You can include spaces in the name, but including spaces can make it harder to use the bookmark name in a URL. For example, if you create a bookmark named part 2, the URL you use in a browser to jump directly to the bookmark is as follows: http://localhost/test/part1.htm?#part%202


If you decide to use a space, it must be encoded.

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