This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

OLE Server Classes

These classes are used by server applications. Server documents are derived from COleServerDoc rather than from CDocument. Note that because COleServerDoc is derived from COleLinkingDoc, server documents can also be containers that support linking.

The COleServerItem class represents a document or portion of a document that can be embedded in another document or linked to.

COleIPFrameWnd and COleResizeBar support in-place editing while the object is in a container, and COleTemplateServer supports creation of document/view pairs so OLE objects from other applications can be edited.


Used as the base class for server-application document classes. COleServerDoc objects provide the bulk of server support through interactions with COleServerItem objects. Visual editing capability is provided using the class library's document/view architecture.


Abstract base class of COleClientItem and COleServerItem. Objects of classes derived from CDocItem represent parts of documents.


Used to represent the OLE interface to COleServerDoc items. There is usually one COleServerDoc object, which represents the embedded part of a document. In servers that support links to parts of documents, there can be many COleServerItem objects, each of which represents a link to a portion of the document.


Provides the frame window for a view when a server document is being edited in place.


Provides the standard user interface for in-place resizing. Objects of this class are always used in conjunction with COleIPFrameWnd objects.


Used to create documents using the framework's document/view architecture. A COleTemplateServer object delegates most of its work to an associated CDocTemplate object.


An exception resulting from a failure in OLE processing. This class is used by both containers and servers.