HotSpot Collection Editor

The HotSpot Collection Editor dialog box enables you to define shapes that make up areas that users can click (which are called hot spots) in an ImageMap control. When users click the hot spot, the control either posts back to the server or navigates to another page, depending on how you configure the hot spot. The control can contain as many shapes as you need, with the limitation that the shapes cannot overlap.

Hot spots can be one of the following three shapes: circle, rectangle, or polygon. The circle hot spot allows you to define the location for the center and a radius to determine the size. The rectangle hot spot allows you to define location of the rectangle's four sides (bottom, left, right, top). The polygon shape supports an arbitrary list of coordinate points that allow you to define irregular shapes.

To open the HotSpot Collection Editor dialog box

  1. In Visual Web Developer, create or open an existing .aspx page and switch to Design view.

  2. From the Standard group in the Toolbox, drag an ImageMap control onto the Web page.

  3. Select the control, and in the Properties window, click HotSpots (Collection) and then click the ellipsis (…) button.

    The HotSpot Collection Editor dialog box opens.


Lists the hot spots that are currently defined.


Creates a new hot spot in the ImageMap control. By clicking the arrow button that is adjacent to the Add button, you can select the type of hot spot to create. The default is CircleHotSpot.


Removes the currently selected hot spot from the ImageMap control.


Allows you to edit the properties for the selected hot spot. For more information, see CircleHotSpot, RectangleHotSpot, and PolygonHotSpot.

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