Compiler Error C2217

Compiler Error C2217


'attribute1' requires 'attribute2'

The first function attribute requires the second attribute.

To fix by checking the following possible causes

  1. Interrupt (__interrupt) function declared as near. Interrupt functions must be far.

  2. Interrupt function declared with __stdcall, or __fastcall. Interrupt functions must use C calling conventions.

C2217 can also occur if you attempt to bind a delegate to a CLR function that takes a variable number of arguments. If the function also has e param array overload, use that instead. The following sample generates C2217.

// C2217.cpp
// compile with: /clr
using namespace System;
delegate void MyDel(String^, Object^, Object^, ...);   // C2217
delegate void MyDel2(String ^, array<Object ^> ^);   // OK

int main() {
   MyDel2^ wl = gcnew MyDel2(Console::WriteLine);
   array<Object ^ > ^ x = gcnew array<Object ^>(2);
   x[0] = safe_cast<Object^>(0);
   x[1] = safe_cast<Object^>(1);

   // wl("{0}, {1}", 0, 1);
   wl("{0}, {1}", x);
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