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Marshaling Support

Interop marshaling, performed by the common language runtime, controls how data is passed in method arguments and return values between managed and unmanaged memory.

The .NET Compact Framework version 2.0 supports the MarshalAsAttribute.

Note that StringBuilder is an exception to the rule that specifies reference types passed by value are passed as In parameters by default. It is always passed as In/Out.

In This Section

Marshaling Overview

Describes marshaling capabilities in the .NET Compact Framework and how to log interop marshalling on the device.

Marshaling Delegates as Function Pointers

Shows examples of how a managed delegate can be marshaled to a function pointer in unmanaged code.

Marshaling Structures in the .NET Compact Framework

Describes how encapsulate strings and arrays in structures for efficient marshaling.

Type Support

Lists the managed and unmanaged types that can be marshaled with the .NET Compact Framework.

Using the MarshalAsAttribute Attribute

Describes how to use the MarshalAsAttribute in the .NET Compact Framework.

.NET Compact Framework Blittable Types

Lists data types in the .NET Compact Framework that do not require conversions by the marshaler.

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