Sorting and Grouping Query Results

You can create a query result in which each result row corresponds to an entire group of rows from the original data.

To learn the details about creating such queries, see the topics listed in the following table.

Sorting Rows

Describes the various ways in which you can sort rows and why you would use them.

Collapsing Groups of Rows

Describes the various ways to collapse rows, such as calculating or eliminating duplicates.

How to: Sort with ORDER BY

Provides steps for returning results in a specified order.

How to: Sort in Ascending or Descending Order

Provides steps for changing or setting sort direction.

How to: Sort Multiple Columns in Queries

Provides steps for setting the order of results sets for multiple columns.

How to: Group Rows in Query Results

Provides steps for creating subsets of summary information by organizing data into groups.

How to: Specify Conditions for Groups

Provides steps for creating search conditions that apply to groups of rows.

How to: Reorder Output Columns

Provides steps for changing current sorting settings.

Summarizing Query Results

Provides links to topics on summarizing query results.

Performing Basic Operations with Queries

Provides links to topics covering the most common query tasks.

Designing Queries and Views

Provides links to topics covering how to use the Query and View Designer.

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