This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Returns the version number of the common language runtime that is running in the current process.


  LPWSTR pbuffer,  
  DWORD  cchBuffer, 
  DWORD* dwlength

Header file: Include Mscoree.h.

Library: Link with Mscoree.lib.


pbuffer [in]
A buffer in which the common language runtime returns a string specifying the version of the runtime that is currently loaded into the process. The returned string takes the same form as strings passed to CorBindToRuntimeEx, for example, "v1.0.1216". If the runtime has not yet been loaded in the process, the function returns the appropriate directory information for the latest version of the runtime installed on the computer.
cchBuffer [in]
The number of characters in pbuffer.
dwLength [out]
The number of characters returned in pbuffer.