Partial Synchronization

Partial database synchronization is performed if the corresponding Boolean value (AbstractFullSamSynchronizationNeeded, AbstractFullBuiltinSynchronizationNeeded, or AbstractFullLsaSynchronizationNeeded) is FALSE. In that case, the BDC MUST call NetrDatabaseDeltas in a loop until all changes are obtained for the corresponding database. After successfully receiving the changes, the BDC MUST update the local database to bring it in sync with the PDC. The BDC sets the value of the abstract database serial number for the corresponding database (AbstractSamDatabaseSerialNumber, AbstractBuiltinDatabaseSerialNumber, or AbstractLsaDatabaseSerialNumber) to the value of the DomainModifiedCount parameter returned by the last NetrDatabaseDeltas call in the replication loop.

If a NetrDatabaseDeltas call returns a status code 0xC0000134, the BDC MUST fully synchronize its entire database as described previously. The BDC performs a full synchronization on receiving any error code other than STATUS_SUCCESS or STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

For either synchronization type, the BDC resets its timer to never expire at the end of processing.