NetrDatabaseSync (Opnum 8)

The NetrDatabaseSync method<214> is a predecessor to the NetrDatabaseSync2 method (section All parameters of this method have the same meanings as the identically named parameters of the NetrDatabaseSync2 method.

 NTSTATUS NetrDatabaseSync(
   [in, string] LOGONSRV_HANDLE PrimaryName,
   [in, string] wchar_t* ComputerName,
   [in] PNETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR Authenticator,
   [in, out] PNETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR ReturnAuthenticator,
   [in] DWORD DatabaseID,
   [in, out] ULONG * SyncContext,
   [in] DWORD PreferredMaximumLength

Receiving this method is identical to receiving NetrDatabaseSync2, as specified in section, except that this call does not use the RestartState parameter. NetrDatabaseSync does not support restarting the synchronization loop.