Reallocates the BSTR pointed to by pbstr and copies the contents of the CStringT object into it, including the NULL character.

BSTR SetSysString(
   BSTR* pbstr
) const;


A pointer to a character string.

The new string.

Depending on the contents of the CStringT object, the value of the BSTR referenced by pbstr can change. The function throws a CMemoryException if insufficient memory exists.

This function is normally used to change the value of strings passed by reference for Automation.

BSTR bstr = ::SysAllocString(L"Golf is fun!");

// create a CAtlString and change the OLE
// string to the contents of the BSTR
// typedef CStringT<TCHAR, StrTraitATL<TCHAR, ChTraitsCRT<TCHAR>>> CAtlString;

CAtlString str(_T("Soccer is best!"));
BSTR bstr2 = str.SetSysString(&bstr);

// Now, both bstr and bstr2 reference a single instance of
// the "Soccer" string. The "Golf" string has been freed.
ASSERT(bstr2 == bstr);   

Header: cstringt.h

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