This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

General, Debugging, Options Dialog Box

To access the General page, click the Tools menu and select Options. In the Options dialog box, expand the Debugging folder and select General. This page allows you to set the following general debugging options.

Hexadecimal display
When selected, displays integers in hexadecimal format rather than binary format. For more information see Changing the Numeric Format of Source Windows.
Allow hexadecimal input without prefix
When selected, the debugger information windows accept input as hexadecimal as the default (without the 0x prefix).
Show disassembly if source is not available
When selected, automatically shows the disassembly window when you try to debug code for which source is unavailable. This setting is turned off by default.
Warn if no symbols on launch
When selected, displays a warning dialog box when you try to debug a program for which the debugger has no symbolic information. For more information, see No Symbolic Information Dialog Box.
Confirm correct file was found when finding source
When selected, displays a confirmation dialog box when finding source, which allows you to verify that the debugger found the correct file.
In break mode, only stop execution of the current process
Allows other attached processes to continue running when you break the current process.
Color text of current statement and breakpoints
Controls whether the text is colored for a line-based current statement and statements where line-based breakpoints are set. In the Visual Studio shell, C++ is line-based.
Note   The text is always colored for a statement-based current statement and where statement-based breakpoints are set; in which case this option does not apply.
Use IntelliSense to verify breakpoints
Uses IntelliSense to verify that breakpoints are valid. For more information, see Using IntelliSense.
Allow property evaluation in variables window
When selected, allows evaluation of an object property (member variable) in the Autos, Locals, or Watch windows.
Insert breakpoints in Active Server Pages for breakpoints in client script
When a breakpoint is set in a client script, inserts a corresponding breakpoint in the associated Active Server Page.

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