This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Setting CSS Text Attributes

Visual Studio .NET 2003

CSS text attributes can control the position of text on a page, text spacing, paragraph spacing, and text flow.

To prepare to build a CSS text style

  1. Open an external CSS style sheet document for editing, and follow the procedures in the topic Building CSS Styles.

    - or -

    Open a Web page for editing in Design view, and follow the procedures in the topic Inserting CSS Styles from the Document Styles Window.

  2. On the Styles menu, choose Build Style.

    The Style Builder dialog box appears.

  3. Choose Text in the left pane, and select style options.

    The preview area at the bottom of the dialog box updates to illustrate the current settings as you make selections. Corresponding properties and values are added to the CSS style definition.

To set text alignment attributes

  • Choose attributes from the Horizontal, Vertical, and Justification lists.

    Justification attributes are not available until you select Justified as the horizontal alignment attribute. Vertical attributes change the styled text to either sub- or superscript.

  • Choose text alignment attributes from the Letters and Lines lists.
  • Enter a Text Flow value and choose a unit option from the drop-down list.
  • As needed, select a value from the Text Direction list.

    By default, Text Direction is left to right.

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