This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MSBuild Task Reference

Tasks provide the code that runs during the build process. This section explains the library of common tasks that is provided with MSBuild.

In addition to the parameters listed in the topics in this section, each task also has the following parameters:




Optional String parameter.

Boolean expression the MSBuild engine uses to determine whether or not this task will be executed. For information on the conditions supported by MSBuild, see MSBuild Conditions.


Optional Boolean parameter

Boolean value that specifies whether the remaining tasks in the target run if this task fails. The task fails because the Execute method either throws an exception or returns false.

If ContinueOnError is set to true, the remaining tasks run and the failed task does not cause the entire target to fail.

If ContinueOnError is set to false, the remaining tasks do not run and the entire target fails.

By default, ContinueOnError is false.

AL (Assembly Linker) Task

Describes the AL task and its parameters.

AspNetCompiler Task

Wraps aspnet_compiler.exe, a utility to precompile ASP.NET applications.

AssignCulture Task

Assigns culture identifiers to items.

CallTarget Task

Invokes a target in the project file.

Copy Task

Describes the Copy task and its parameters.

CreateItem Task

Describes the CreateItem task and its parameters.

CreateProperty Task

Describes the CreateProperty task and its parameters.

Csc Task

Describes the Csc task and its parameters.

Delete Task

Describes the Delete task and its parameters.

Error Task

Stops a build and logs an error based on an evaluated conditional statement.

Exec Task

Describes the Exec task and its parameters.

FindUnderPath Task

Determines which items in the specified item collection exist in the specified folder and all of its subfolders.

GenerateApplicationManifest Task

Describes the GenerateApplicationManifest task and its parameters.

GenerateBootstrapper Task

Provides an automated way to detect, download, and install an application and its prerequisites.

GenerateDeploymentManifest Task

Describes the GenerateDeployManifest task and its parameters.

GenerateResource Task

Converts .txt and .resx files to common language runtime binary .resources files.

GetAssemblyIdentity Task

Retrieves the assembly identities from the specified files and outputs the identity information.

GetFrameworkPath Task

Retrieves the path to the .NET Framework assemblies.

GetFrameworkSdkPath Task

Retrieves the path to the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK).

LC Task

Describes the LC task and its parameters.

MakeDir Task

Describes the MakeDir task and its parameters.

Message Task

Logs a message during a build.

MSBuild Task

Describes the MSBuild task and its parameters.

ReadLinesFromFile Task

Reads a list of items from a text file.

RegisterAssembly Task

Describes the RegisterAssembly task and its parameters.

RemoveDir Task

Describes the RemoveDir task and its parameters.

ResGen Task

Describes the ResGen task and its parameters.

ResolveAssemblyReference Task

Describes the ResolveAssemblyReference task and its parameters.

ResolveComReference Task

Describes the ResolveCOMReference task and its parameters.

ResolveKeySource Task

Determines the strong name key source

ResolveNativeReference Task

Resolves native references.

SGen Task

Creates an XML serialization assembly for types in the specified assembly.

SignFile Task

Signs the specified file using the specified certificate.

Touch Task

Describes the Touch task and its parameters.

UnregisterAssembly Task

Describes the UnregisterAssembly task and its parameters.

Vbc Task

Describes the Vbc task and its parameters.

VCBuild Task

Describes the VCBuild task and its parameters.

Warning Task

Logs a warning during a build based on an evaluated conditional statement.

WriteLinesToFile Task

Writes the specified items to the specified text file.