The Element 'ELEMENT' has a 'feature' constraint defined in the 'constraint' section with an Id of 'ID.' This feature is not defined. 

This project is governed by development policies defined in a policy file. One of the constraints in the policy file includes a reference by Id to a feature that is not defined in the current policy definitions file. This is either a menu item or toolbox item that must be defined in the policy definitions file.

To solve this problem

  1. Close the project.

  2. Open the policy definitions (.vspolicydef) file for this project in a text editor.

  3. Search the policy file for the Id indicated in the error message.

    1. If a different Id should be used, replace the Id.

    2. If you have not defined the feature, do so. If you do not want to define the feature, delete the constraint.

  4. Save and close the policy file.

  5. Reopen the project.

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