This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Retrieves a pointer to the menu for this window.

CMenu* GetMenu( ) const;

Return Value

Identifies the menu. The value is NULL if CWnd has no menu. The return value is undefined if CWnd is a child window.

The returned pointer may be temporary and should not be stored for later use.


This function should not be used for child windows because they do not have a menu.


// This example deletes the leftmost popup menu or leftmost
// popup menu item from the application's main window.
CWnd* pMain = AfxGetMainWnd();

// The main window _can_ be NULL, so this code
// doesn't ASSERT and actually tests.
if (pMain != NULL)
   // Get the main window's menu
   CMenu* pMenu = pMain->GetMenu();

   // If there is a menu and it has items, we'll
   // delete the first one.
   if (pMenu != NULL && pMenu->GetMenuItemCount() > 0)
      pMenu->DeleteMenu(0, MF_BYPOSITION);
      // force a redraw of the menu bar

   // No need to delete pMenu because it is an MFC
   // temporary object.

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