This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

<interopXmlElement> Element

Creates a bidirectional map between a common language runtime type and an XML element and XML namespace.


   clr="FullTypeName, AssemblyName" 

Required Attributes

Attribute Description
clr Specifies the full type name and assembly name of the type for which you want to create mapping to an XML element and XML namespace. This includes version, culture, and public key information if the containing assembly is in the global assembly cache.
xml Specifies the XML element and the XML namespace for which you want to create a mapping to a type and assembly.


The following example associates the element ElementName and the XML namespace Example:mynamespace with the .NET type TypeName implemented by the AssemblyName assembly. The same is true of the XML type and namespace.

      <application name="soapInterop">
               xml="ElementName,Example:mynamespace"                clr="TypeName,AssemblyName"


Configuration Files: Application configuration file, machine configuration file (Machine.config)

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