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IQuickActivateImpl Class
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IQuickActivateImpl Class

This class combines containers' control initialization into a single call.

Important note Important

This class and its members cannot be used in applications that execute in the Windows Runtime.

class T  
class ATL_NO_VTABLE IQuickActivateImpl : 
public IQuickActivate


Your class, derived from IQuickActivateImpl.




Retrieves the current display size for a running control.


Performs quick initialization of controls being loaded.


Informs the control of how much display space the container has assigned to it.

The IQuickActivate interface helps containers avoid delays when loading controls by combining initialization in a single call. The QuickActivate method allows the container to pass a pointer to a QACONTAINER structure that holds pointers to all the interfaces the control needs. On return, the control passes back a pointer to a QACONTROL structure that holds pointers to its own interfaces, which are used by the container. Class IQuickActivateImpl provides a default implementation of IQuickActivate and implements IUnknown by sending information to the dump device in debug builds.

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Header: atlctl.h

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