IQuickActivateImpl Class
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IQuickActivateImpl Class

This class combines containers' control initialization into a single call.

   class T 
class ATL_NO_VTABLE IQuickActivateImpl :
   public IQuickActivate


Your class, derived from IQuickActivateImpl.


The IQuickActivate interface helps containers avoid delays when loading controls by combining initialization in a single call. The QuickActivate method allows the container to pass a pointer to a QACONTAINER structure that holds pointers to all the interfaces the control needs. On return, the control passes back a pointer to a QACONTROL structure that holds pointers to its own interfaces, which are used by the container. Class IQuickActivateImpl provides a default implementation of IQuickActivate and implements IUnknown by sending information to the dump device in debug builds.

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Header: atlctl.h

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