Developing ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

This section provides information about basic ASP.NET mobile controls as well as design concepts for mobile devices.

Introduction to ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

Provides basic information about using ASP.NET mobile Web pages in ASP.NET Web applications, with code samples to get you started.

Life Cycle of an ASP.NET Mobile Web Page

Discusses what happens during the life cycle of a mobile control.

Design and Rendering Concepts for ASP.NET Mobile Controls

Presents techniques that you use to render content for mobile controls.

Literal Text Inside Form Markup

Provides information about the elements used in a mobile Web page, and information about their behavior at run time.

Device-Specific Rendering

Explores the <DeviceSpecific>/<Choice> construct that you can use to customize content for mobile Web pages.

Template Sets and Templated Controls

Describes how to customize layout and rendering for controls.

Linking Between ASP.NET Mobile Web Pages

Describes techniques for navigating between forms.

Working With Deck Size Limits

Describes techniques for controlling page size.

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