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Returns a result set according to the user-supplied restrictions.

   const CSession& session,
   LPCTSTR lpszParam 1 = NULL,
   LPCTSTR lpszParam 2 = NULL,
   LPCTSTR lpszParam 3 = NULL,
   LPCTSTR lpszParam 4 = NULL,
   LPCTSTR lpszParam 5 = NULL,
   LPCTSTR lpszParam 6 = NULL,
   LPCTSTR lpszParam 7 = NULL,
   bool bBind = true


[in] Specifies an existing session object used to connect to the data source.
[in] Specifies the restrictions on the schema rowset.
[in] Specifies whether to bind the column map automatically. The default is true, which causes the column map to be bound automatically. Setting bBind to false prevents the automatic binding of the column map so that you can bind manually. (Manual binding is of particular interest to OLAP users.)

Return Value

One of the standard HRESULT values.


You can specify a maximum of seven restrictions on a schema rowset.

See IDBSchemaRowset for information about the defined restrictions on each schema rowset.

See Also

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