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Causes application settings to be stored in the registry instead of INI files.

void SetRegistryKey( 
   LPCTSTR lpszRegistryKey  
void SetRegistryKey( 
   UINT nIDRegistryKey  


Pointer to a string containing the name of the key.


ID of a string resource containing the name of the registry key.

This function sets m_pszRegistryKey, which is then used by the GetProfileInt, GetProfileString, WriteProfileInt, and WriteProfileString member functions of CWinApp. If this function has been called, the list of most recently-used (MRU) files is also stored in the registry. The registry key is usually the name of a company. It is stored in a key of the following form: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\<company name>\<application name>\<section name>\<value name>.

Header: afxwin.h

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