This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Stepping Into a Specific Function

Native C/C++ Only. Not compatible with Managed Extensions for C++.

When you are stepping into a nested function call, you can use Step Into Specific, located on the shortcut menu, to choose which function you want to step into. For example, on a call to Func1(Func2()), you could choose to step into Func1 or Func2. This command works for any number of nesting levels.

You cannot use Step Into Specific with C++ virtual functions.

To step into a specific function

  1. Advance the execution point to the function call you want to step into. (You might use a breakpoint, Step Into, Step Over, or Run To Cursor.)
  2. Right-click the source window to open the shortcut menu.
  3. From the shortcut menu, click Step Into Specific and choose the function you want from the submenu.

    The debugger executes the function call and breaks at the beginning of the selected function. The Step Into Specific command appears on the shortcut menu only if the execution point is located immediately before to a nested function.

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