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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CDialogImpl Class

This class provides methods for creating a modal or modeless dialog box.

template <
   class T,
   class TBase = CWindow 
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CDialogImpl :
   public CDialogImplBaseT< TBase >


Your class, derived from CDialogImpl.


The base class of your new class. The default base class is CWindow.

With CDialogImpl you can create a modal or modeless dialog box. CDialogImpl provides the dialog box procedure, which uses the default message map to direct messages to the appropriate handlers.

The base class destructor ~CWindowImplRoot ensures that the window is gone before destroying the object.

CDialogImpl derives from CDialogImplBaseT, which in turn derives from CWindowImplRoot.


Your class must define an IDD member that specifies the dialog template resource ID. For example, the ATL Project Wizard automatically adds the following line to your class:

enum { IDD = IDD_MYDLG };

where MyDlg is the Short name entered in the wizard's Names page.

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Header: atlwin.h