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If you plan to port your programs to UNIX, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not remove header files from the SYS subdirectory. You can place the SYS header files elsewhere only if you do not plan to transport your programs to UNIX.

  • Use the UNIX-compatible path delimiter in routines that take strings representing paths and filenames as arguments. UNIX supports only the forward slash (/) for this purpose, whereas Win32 operating systems support both the backslash (\) and the forward slash (/). Thus this documentation uses UNIX-compatible forward slashes as path delimiters in #include statements, for example. (However, the Windows operating system command shell, CMD.EXE, does not support the forward slash in commands entered at the command prompt.)

  • Use paths and filenames that work correctly in UNIX, which is case sensitive. The file allocation table (FAT) file system in Win32 operating systems is not case sensitive; the NTFS file system preserves case for directory listings but ignores case in file searches and other system operations.

    System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

    In this version of Visual C++, UNIX compatibility information has been removed from the function descriptions.