Constructs a CDaoWorkspace object.

CDaoWorkspace( );

After constructing the C++ object, you have two options:

  • Call the object's Open member function to open the default workspace or to open an existing object in the Workspaces collection.

  • Or call the object's Create member function to create a new DAO workspace object. This explicitly starts a new workspace session, which you can refer to via the CDaoWorkspace object. After calling Create, you can call Append if you want to add the workspace to the database engine's Workspaces collection.

See the class overview for CDaoWorkspace for information about when you need to explicitly create a CDaoWorkspace object. Usually, you use workspaces created implicitly when you open a CDaoDatabase object without specifying a workspace or when you open a CDaoRecordset object without specifying a database object. MFC DAO objects created in this way use DAO's default workspace, which is created once and reused.

To release a workspace and its contained objects, call the workspace object's Close member function.

Header: afxdao.h