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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Add New Item Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to add an item to the currently selected project. When you select an item from the Categories list, the appropriate files and references are added to your project.

Note   The type of project selected determines the item choices that are displayed. If development policies defined in an application template apply to your project, these policies might simplify the choices displayed in this dialog box or shape the properties of some items and their values.

You can access this dialog box by choosing Add New Item on the Project menu.

Lists the project item hierarchy in the left pane and the related project item types in the right pane. A brief description on the selected project item appears below.
Enter the name of the file you want to create.
Note   If your anti-virus software displays an alert offering to block script that the project template or wizard is running, choose not to block script otherwise Visual Studio shuts down. You can prevent this alert from showing when script is run by clearing the anti-virus software's setting for blocking script, however, changing this setting disables all script blocking, not just for Visual Studio.

Displays items in Templates as large icons.

Displays items in Templates as small icons.

For information on adding new items in templates for Visual C# and Visual C++, see Using Visual C# Add New Item Templates and Using Visual C++ Add New Item Templates

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