Help Files (HTML Help)


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The following files are created when you add the HTML Help type of Help support to your application by selecting the Context-sensitive help check box and then selecting HTML Help format in the Advanced Features page of the MFC Application Wizard.

File nameDirectory locationSolution Explorer locationDescription
Projname.hhpProjname\hlpHTML Help filesThe help project file. It contains the data needed to compile the help files into an .hxs file or a .chm file.
Projname.hhkProjname\hlpHTML Help filesContains an index of the help topics.
Projname.hhcProjname\hlpHTML Help filesThe contents of the help project.
Makehtmlhelp.batProjnameSource FilesUsed by the system to build the Help project when the project is compiled.
Afxcore.htmProjname\hlpHTML Help TopicsContains the standard help topics for standard MFC commands and screen objects. Add your own help topics to this file.
Afxprint.htmProjname\hlpHTML Help TopicsContains the help topics for the printing commands.
*.jpg; *.gifProjname\hlp\ImagesResource FilesContain images for the different generated help file topics.

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