This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


JScript 8.0 is a modern scripting language with a wide variety of applications. It is a true object-oriented language, and yet it still keeps its "scripting" feel. JScript 8.0 maintains full backwards compatibility with previous versions of JScript, while incorporating great new features and providing access to the common language runtime and .NET Framework.

The following table shows the versions of JScript and JScript .NET that are supported in different versions of Visual Studio.


Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2005

JScript .NET

Not supported

Not supported

Not supported



Yes, in web projects

Yes, in web projects

Yes, in web projects

Yes, in web projects

The following topics introduce the essential features of JScript 8.0 and provide information about how to use the language. As with any modern programming language, JScript supports a number of common programming constructs and language elements.

If you have programmed in other languages, much of the material covered in this section may seem familiar. While most of the constructs are the same as in previous versions of JScript, JScript 8.0 introduces powerful new constructs similar to those in other class-based, object-oriented languages.

If you are new to programming, the material in this section will serve as an introduction to the basic building blocks for writing code. Once you understand the basics, you will be able to create powerful scripts and applications using JScript.

Getting Started With JScript

Introduces what is new in JScript 8.0.

Writing, Compiling, and Debugging JScript Code

Provides a collection of links to topics that explain how to write, edit, and debug code with JScript 8.0.

Displaying Information with JScript

Includes a list of links to topics that explain how to display information from a command program, from ASP.NET, and in a browser.

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Comprises a guide to the elements and procedures that encompass Regular Expressions in JScript 8.0. Topics explain the concept of Regular Expressions, proper syntax, and appropriate use.

JScript Reference

Lists elements that comprise JScript Language Reference and links to topics that explain the details behind the proper use of language elements.

Devenv Command Line Switches

Lists language reference topics that explain how to launch Visual Studio and how to build from the command prompt.

Language Equivalents

Compares keywords, data types, operators, and programmable objects (controls) for Visual Basic, C++, C#, JScript, and Visual FoxPro.

.NET Framework Class Library

Contains links to topics that explain the namespaces in the .NET Framework class library.

Visual Studio Commands and Switches

Lists language reference topics that explain how to use commands to interact with the IDE from the Command Window and Find/Command box.

Visual Studio Walkthroughs

Provides links to topics that discuss the steps involved in the development of specific applications or how to use major application features.