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Updates the client area by sending a WM_PAINT message if the update region is not empty.

void UpdateWindow( );


The UpdateWindow member function sends a WM_PAINT message directly, bypassing the application queue. If the update region is empty, WM_PAINT is not sent.


// In this example a rectangle is drawn in a view. 
// The OnChangeRect() function changes the dimensions 
// of the rectangle and then calls CWnd::Invalidate() so the 
// client area of the view will be redrawn next time the
// window is updated.  It then calls CWnd::UpdateWindow 
// to force the new rectangle to be painted.

void CTestView::OnChangeRect() 
   // Change Rectangle size.
   m_rcBox = CRect(20, 20, 210, 210);

   // Invalidate window so entire client area 
   // is redrawn when UpdateWindow is called.

   // Update Window to cause View to redraw.

// On Draw function draws the rectangle.
void CTestView::OnDraw(CDC* pDC)
//  ..  Other draw code here.

   pDC->Draw3dRect(m_rcBox, 0x00FF0000, 0x0000FF00);

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