Interpretation of Multibyte-Character Sequences
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Interpretation of Multibyte-Character Sequences

Most multibyte-character routines in the Microsoft run-time library recognize multibyte-character sequences according to the current multibyte code page setting. The following multibyte-character routines depend instead on the locale code page (specifically, on the LC_CTYPE category setting of the current locale).

Locale-Dependent Multibyte Routines

Routine Use
mblen Validate and return number of bytes in multibyte character
_mbstrlen For multibyte-character strings: validate each character in string; return string length
mbstowcs Convert sequence of multibyte characters to corresponding sequence of wide characters
mbtowc Convert multibyte character to corresponding wide character
wcstombs Convert sequence of wide characters to corresponding sequence of multibyte characters
wctomb Convert wide character to corresponding multibyte character

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