Call this member function to activate and restore the frame window so that it is visible and available to the user.

      virtual void ActivateFrame(
   int nCmdShow = -1 


Specifies the parameter to pass to CWnd::ShowWindow. By default, the frame is shown and correctly restored.

This member function is usually called after a non-user interface event such as a DDE, OLE, or other event that may show the frame window or its contents to the user.

The default implementation activates the frame and brings it to the top of the Z-order and, if necessary, carries out the same steps for the application's main frame window.

Override this member function to change how a frame is activated. For example, you can force MDI child windows to be maximized. Add the appropriate functionality, then call the base class version with an explicit nCmdShow.


void CChildFrame::ActivateFrame(int nCmdShow)
   // Create the child frame window maximized
   nCmdShow = SW_MAXIMIZE;



Header: afxwin.h

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