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Determines the selection type in this CRichEditCtrl object.

WORD GetSelectionType( ) const;

Flags indicating the contents of the current selection. A combination of the following flags:

  • SEL_EMPTY   Indicates that there is no current selection.

  • SEL_TEXT   Indicates that the current selection contains text.

  • SEL_OBJECT   Indicates that the current selection contains at least one OLE item.

  • SEL_MULTICHAR   Indicates that the current selection contains more than one character of text.

  • SEL_MULTIOBJECT   Indicates that the current selection contains more than one OLE object.

For more information, see EM_SELECTIONTYPE in the Platform SDK.

// The pointer to my rich edit control.
extern CRichEditCtrl* pmyRichEditCtrl;

// Dump the selection text only if it contains at least one text character.
if (pmyRichEditCtrl->GetSelectionType() & (SEL_TEXT | SEL_MULTICHAR))
   CString strText = pmyRichEditCtrl->GetSelText();

   TRACE(TEXT("selection text is '%s'.\r\n"), (LPCSTR) strText);

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