Modifiers (C# Reference)


Updated: July 20, 2015

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Modifiers are used to modify declarations of types and type members. This section introduces the C# modifiers.

Access Modifiers

- public
- private
- internal
- protected
Specifies the declared accessibility of types and type members.
abstractIndicates that a class is intended only to be a base class of other classes.
asyncIndicates that the modified method, lambda expression, or anonymous method is asynchronous.
constSpecifies that the value of the field or the local variable cannot be modified.
eventDeclares an event.
externIndicates that the method is implemented externally.
newExplicitly hides a member inherited from a base class.
overrideProvides a new implementation of a virtual member inherited from a base class.
partialDefines partial classes, structs and methods throughout the same assembly.
readonlyDeclares a field that can only be assigned values as part of the declaration or in a constructor in the same class.
sealedSpecifies that a class cannot be inherited.
staticDeclares a member that belongs to the type itself instead of to a specific object.
unsafeDeclares an unsafe context.
virtualDeclares a method or an accessor whose implementation can be changed by an overriding member in a derived class.
volatileIndicates that a field can be modified in the program by something such as the operating system, the hardware, or a concurrently executing thread.

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