This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Extensibility Projects

The Extensibility Project templates allow you to create add-ins, which are extensions to the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment (IDE). There are two different types of add-ins you can create:

  • Visual Studio .NET Add-Ins — A Visual Studio .NET add-in works only in the Visual Studio .NET and VSMacros environments.
  • Shared Add-Ins — In addition to working in the Visual Studio .NET and VSMacros environments, a shared add-in also works in Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, and so forth.

Selecting either project launches the Extensibility Wizard where you can select the programming language in which to create the add-in, select the application hosts, such as Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft Access, and select other add-in options.

The Extensibility Project templates create a project in the solution, as well as a setup project for distributing the add-in.

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